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International Journal of Advanced Research in Medicine
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2019, Vol. 1, Issue 2, Part B

In-Depth psychiatric research

Author(s): Dr. P Padmavathi and Dr. Harini Atturu

This essay provides a summary of qualitative research and how it is used in psychiatry. It serves as an introduction and tries to explain the goals of qualitative research as well as its underlying philosophical foundation. After a description of the principles and procedures of qualitative research, we provide an introduction of the three primary research techniques: interviews, focus groups, and participant observation. We provide instances of situations where qualitative research has shed light on crucial issues in psychiatric research or has the capacity to do so throughout the paper. Following a brief review of qualitative analysis, relevant rigor checks, and the presentation of qualitative data, we outline sampling techniques. The paper concludes by arguing that qualitative methods may be an increasingly appropriate methodology to answer some of the demanding research questions being posed in 21st century psychiatry.
Clinical Implications: Psychiatry has used qualitative research less frequently than the other health sciences; however, this tendency appears to be changing. Qualitative research may be used to address several the innovative research concerns that are being brought up in contemporary psychiatry. Researchers and mental health professionals should familiarize themselves with the issues, possibilities, and challenges related to qualitative research.
Limitations: The distinct set of ethical difficulties addressed by qualitative research, for example, are not thoroughly discussed in this work. To offer a descriptive summary, we have somewhat simplified the processes, the analysis, and the epistemology. Only some research issues may be answered using qualitative research, which supports but does not replace conventional methods.

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Dr. P Padmavathi, Dr. Harini Atturu. In-Depth psychiatric research. Int J Adv Res Med 2019;1(2):173-177.
International Journal of Advanced Research in Medicine

International Journal of Advanced Research in Medicine

International Journal of Advanced Research in Medicine
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